Call for Competitions

General Information

The Competitions Chair of GECCO 2020 invites domain experts to submit proposals for organizing a competition at GECCO 2020. The deadline for this, which is NON-EXTENSIBLE, is as follows:

  • Proposals for competitions: November 7, 2019

Competitions demonstrate how Evolutionary Computation and related techniques can be utilized in challenging practical, real-world and gaming settings. They also enable fair comparisons between algorithms and (for recurrent competitions) provide the possibility to follow the development of approaches over time.

Just like at GECCO 2019, we are offering the publication of short algorithm descriptions as 2-page contributions to the GECCO Companion. The competition organizers decide whether they want to offer this to the competition participants. The deadline for these algorithm descriptions will be in April 2020, and they will be reviewed by the respective competition organizers.

Competition Proposal Submission

Submissions are now closed.

If you have questions regarding the competitions at GECCO 2020, please contact the Competitions Chair:

Markus Wagner
University of Adelaide, Australia
Email: markus.wagner (at) adelaide.edu.au

If you encounter issues or have questions about the Competition Proposal Form, please contact the Electronic Media Chair:

Nadarajen Veerapen
University of Lille, France
Email: nadarajen.veerapen (at) univ-lille.fr

Review Process

Competition proposals will be reviewed by the Competitions Chair and other members of the GECCO 2020 organizing committee. Final decisions will be made based on GECCO attendees' and competitors' likely interest, the breadth and depth of the topic(s), and the expertise and credentials of the organizer(s).

The outcome of the review process is scheduled to be announced on December 5, 2019.