Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Awards

  • GECH – General Evolutionary Computation and Hybrids Track
    Effective Reinforcement Learning through Evolutionary Surrogate-Assisted Prescription
    Olivier Françon, Santiago Gonzalez, Babak Hodjat, Elliot Meyerson, Risto Miikkulainen, Xin Qiu, Hormoz Shahrzad

  • ECOM – Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimization and Metaheuristics Track
    Golden Parameter Search: Exploiting Structure to Quickly Configure Parameters in Parallel
    Yasha Pushak, Holger H. Hoos

  • EMO – Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Track
    Another Difficulty of Inverted Triangular Pareto Fronts for Decomposition-Based Multi-Objective Algorithms
    Linjun He, Auraham Camacho, Hisao Ishibuchi

  • EML – Evolutionary Machine Learning Track
    Neuroevolution of Self-Interpretable Agents
    Yujin Tang, Duong Nguyen, David Ha

  • GA – Genetic Algorithms Track
    Understanding Transforms of Pseudo-Boolean Functions
    Darrell Whitley, Hernan Aguirre, Andrew Sutton

  • GP – Genetic Programming Track
    Genetic programming approaches to learning fair classifiers
    William La Cava, Jason H. Moore

  • RWA – Real World Applications Track
    Optimisation of Large Wave Farms using a Multi-strategy Evolutionary Framework
    Mehdi Neshat, Bradley Alexander, Nataliia Y. Sergiienko, Markus Wagner

  • SBSE (Search Based Software Engineering)-ENUM (Evolutionary Numerical Optimization)-THEORY (Theory) Tracks
    Fast Mutation in Crossover-based Algorithms
    Denis Antipov, Maxim Buzdalov, Benjamin Doerr

  • ACO-SI (Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence)+CS (Complex Systems) Track
    Diversity Preservation in Minimal Criterion Coevolution through Resource Limitation
    Jonathan C. Brant, Kenneth O. Stanley